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Art at the UK Branch

Works by Fernanda Fragateiro, Bridget Riley and Alison Turnbull


Art at the UK Branch -  press

The Gulbenkian Foundation delegation in London
is currently displaying a range of works of art on its premises. Highlights from among the range are the sculpture (Not) Connecting #1 (2007), by Fernanda Fragateiro. Monumental but fragile, this piece is made out of hundreds of lines of silk purchased from a traditional haberdashery in Lisbon, connected by steel supports and whose brilliance reflects back to the artist’s studies of optical effects. In a second piece, Fernanda Fragateiro pays homage to one of the most renowned artists working with colours and optical changes, Bridget Riley. Also on display are excerpts, hand drawn, from a 1967 interview between Riley and David Sylvester, in which they discuss the power of optical effects as a working means of artistically stimulating the sensations. The work Large Fragment (2006), by Riley, is also on show nearby.
The UK branch is also displaying Peppered Moth Print (2008), by Alison Turnbull, who made up part of the Darwin’s Canopy exhibition, supported by the UK Foundation delegation, at London’s Museum of Natural History. Inspired by the evolutionary thinker, the artist discovered Manual Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a work that Darwin himself took on his voyage to the Galapagos islands. Turnbull is one of the eleven artists participating in the Galapagos Artistic Residency Program (2007-2011) with the exhibition resulting going on display in Edinburgh, Liverpool and CAM, in Lisbon over 2012-2013.






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