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    International Visual Arts Program

    Visual Arts

    Permanent application



    Short Term Conference and Travel Grants

    Students and Young Academics in Armenia

    Online applications open 



    Short Term Grant for Armenian Studies

    Qualified students, academics and researchers

    Online applications open permanently



    Global Excellence Scholarship

    For Armenian PhD Students

    Online applications accepted: 01 January-29 February (open)



    Gulbenkian Museum closes 19th century painting and sculpture gallery

    In February the Gallery will be rearranged

    In February, the nineteenth-century painting and sculpture gallery of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum will be closed to the public so that the space can be rearranged as a trial for a forthcoming remodelling.






    The Gulbenkian Foundation

    A unique experience

    The city of Lisbon headquarters the Foundation and provides a Museum with the founder's collection, a Modern Art Centre, an Art Library and a Park.

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    Day One: Keeping the Future in Mind

    How do we create new ways of being Armenian in the 21st Century?

    "The world is rapidly changing, and yet there is a sense of impasse among Armenians both in the republic and the diaspora. A more suistainable national approach is needed, in which strategies for positive change are developed and implemented. Such strategies must foster creativity and forward-looking aproaches or frameworks"



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