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Through the Action Instrument in effect, the Gulbenkian Environment Program undertakes the following initiatives:

Colloquia, Conferences and Seminars

Debate and Reflection
Through promoting colloquia, conferences and seminars, the Gulbenkian Environment Program (GEP) seeks to elicit broad reaching debate as well as raise the competences among the vast publics targeted by such initiatives around the core thematic fields that have been deemed priority since 2007.

The multiple facets to climate change, the environment and healthcare binomial, defending biodiversity both on land and in the marine environment, territorial planning, the relationships between science and political decision making are some of the themes subject to debate and reflection within this line of GEP activities.

Support for Research, Development and Demonstration Projects

Knowledge and Innovation
The Gulbenkian Environment Program above all aims to foster capacities where existing, contributing towards turning possibilities into realities and ensuring that they are really able to contribute towards a real and effective mitigation of environment impacts.

Within this scope, the Program includes:

  • support for research, development and demonstration projects inducing technological improvements and refining public political policies with the potential to generate benefits and raise citizen quality of life.
  • the AGIR Tender (Gulbenkian Information and Environment Awareness Initiatives), designed for training events held in multiple locations across the national territory.

In addition to organising seminars, considered to be an essentially training based facet, the Program issues short term training grants under the auspices of tenders.




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